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why is my boiler making a noise
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Why Is My Boiler Making a Noise?

From powering central heating to providing hot water, boilers help keep your home comfortable and functional. Boilers don’t necessarily have to be whisper-quiet, but they shouldn’t be so loud that you’re disturbed by strange noises.

If you're being haunted by clanks, bangs or whistles from your boiler, you're in the right place. Stay tuned as we explore common reasons why your boiler is making noise, as well as tips on troubleshooting and how to know when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Common boiler noises and their causes

Boilers can make all sorts of sounds, each potentially indicating a different issue. Here’s a breakdown of the most common boiler noises and what they might mean:


Hearing a banging sound from your boiler is a common problem. The noise occurs when limescale or sludge accumulates on the heat exchanger and restricts water flow. This causes water to overheat and turn into steam, which increases pressure and causes the characteristic banging sound. It’s also known as kettling, because of how heat and pressure build up.


Why is boiler making noise that sounds like whistling? A whistling sound, also known as 'the scream' can be caused by air in the boiler system. The sound is similar to the musical noise that occurs when you blow air across the top of an empty glass bottle. Whistling can occur if the water pressure is too low or if air has somehow entered the heating system.


If your boiler is making a gurgling noise, it could be a telltale sign that air is trapped in the system, or your boiler’s condensate pipe is frozen. Gurgling caused by a frozen condensate pipe is a common issue encountered during the cold snaps that can sometimes descend on Cambridge during the winter.

Diagnosing and fixing boiler noises

Now you know what sounds to listen out for, let’s talk about troubleshooting why your boiler is making noise and how to fix common problems.

Silencing a kettling boiler

Flushing your system is a good place to start when attempting to silence a kettling boiler. The process involves pushing a strong flow of water through your heating system to remove build-up. Ideally, this will flush out debris and get rid of the banging sounds.

Still wondering why is my boiler making noise? In more severe cases, descaling the boiler might be necessary. If attempting this yourself be sure to shut off the boiler and let it cool completely before descaling. While it is possible to descale a boiler yourself, the task can be complex. So, it’s usually best to enlist the help of professional heating engineers for serious blockages.

Resolving whistling noises

For a whistling boiler, checking and adjusting the water pressure can be a quick and easy way to resolve the issue. The correct pressure level should be clearly indicated on your boiler’s pressure gauge. If it’s too low, you’ll need to repressurise the system. If you're not sure how to safely do this, calling a technician is the wisest choice.

Clearing gurgling sounds

Gurgling noises can often be fixed by clearing air from the boiler system or thawing a frozen condensate pipe. To expel air, bleed your radiators using a radiator key – just be sure to catch any drips! If the condensate pipe is frozen, gently thaw it using warm (not boiling) water.

When to call in the experts

While it's helpful to know basic boiler troubleshooting, some situations call for professional intervention. Here’s when it’s probably best to call in the pros:

Persistent noise

Why is a boiler making noise even after you’ve tried a few different fixes? If your boiler continues to go clunk in the night after DIY troubleshooting, the issue could be more serious than initially thought. To avoid further damage to your boiler it’s best to seek help from the experts ASAP.

Repeated issues

Frequent problems suggest that your boiler might need more thorough servicing or even replacement. It’s best to seek help as early as possible if you notice repeated issues – leaving it too long can accelerate damage and lead to costly repairs.

Safety concerns

Boilers are powered by gas and electricity so if you ever feel unsure or unsafe when troubleshooting why a boiler is making noise, it’s time to call in the experts.

The importance of regular boiler servicing

Troubleshooting and repairs are always an option but when it comes to preventing boiler issues, regular maintenance is key. Annual servicing by a qualified technician not only keeps your boiler running quietly but also efficiently and safely. Here’s why regular servicing shouldn’t be overlooked:

Prevent breakdowns

Catching issues early can prevent inconvenient breakdowns. Regular check-ups can identify potential problems that may not yet be affecting the performance of your boiler but could lead to serious issues if left unchecked. A proactive approach to why your boiler is making noise helps ensure your home stays warm, especially during the winter months. After all, there’s nothing worse than an ice-cold shower on a frosty December morning!

Avoid costly repairs

Diagnosing and repairing boiler issues early can help avoid costly repairs down the line. For example, replacing a worn-out component during a service visit is generally more cost-effective than waiting for the boiler to fail and cause a potentially expensive emergency call-out.

Improve efficiency

Regular maintenance ensures that your boiler operates at peak efficiency. Over time, dust and debris can build up in your boiler system and components can begin to wear out, which can reduce operational efficiency. This can increase energy consumption and send your bills skyrocketing.

Servicing involves cleaning key components, checking operational performance and making adjustments to improve the overall efficiency of the system. An efficient boiler not only uses less energy but reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your energy bills, making it both environmentally and economically beneficial.

Ensure safety

Qualified technicians will check for any potential safety issues, including carbon monoxide leaks.

Silence your boiler with Plumbox

At Plumbox, we understand the importance of a quiet, efficient and reliable boiler – not just during the colder months but all year. Our team of skilled plumbing and heating engineers is equipped to handle all aspects of boiler maintenance - from routine servicing and diagnostics to urgent boiler repairs.

Call us today on 01223 867038 for a consultation or to schedule a service. Remember, a quiet boiler is a happy boiler, so if you notice any bangs, whistles, gurgles or other noises, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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